Rooks Nest Pre-School


“Rooks Nest Preschool Provides the nest from which children can fly”

Rook’s Nest Pre-school provides an ‘outstanding’ safe, caring, stimulating environment where each child is included and valued in order to  make them feel secure and happy.

We acknowledge that parents are the first and main educators of their child.

Our aim is to support the development and knowledge of every child by working in partnership with parents and outside agencies if  required, to achieve this.


Rooks Nest Preschool is a registered charity and was formed in 1997 by a group of parents and volunteers. It runs under the 2011 Preschool  Learning Alliance constitution by a voluntary committee of parents and volunteers.

Initially it was held in a school classroom and then later from a mobile unit on the Academy playground area. As the Academy expanded,  the Preschool unit was moved to its current position at the top of the carpark.

Preschool provides paid and free funded childcare to children between the ages of 2 and 5 years and can take up to 24 children per session.


“All children make rapid progress in their learning and development. The highly motivated staff know children extremely well. They provide a relaxed environment with an abundance of fun activities where all children are respected and valued”

“Highly skilled staff encourage children’s creative thinking, communication and language skills exceptionally well”

“The management team of the pre-school is inspirational. They set extremely high standards, which helps to ensure that children receive  outstanding experiences and the highest levels of care”

OFSTED number 501040