Rooks Nest Pre-School

Children arrive at the setting, put their name card in the box, wave off their parent/guardian and go off to play. Once all children have  arrived, we come together to welcome everyone in. Children find out what activities are on offer, then they go off and have free choice play. Staff are deployed to cover both indoor and outdoor areas.

Some of the daily activities include; painting, baking, role play, model building and making cakes in the outdoor mud kitchen.

During the session children are offered a healthy snack alongside milk or water. On special occasions such as birthdays we sometimes have a treat!

Towards the end of the sessions the older children and the younger children that are ready, participate in our Busy Bee group time. These  sessions prepare the children for the transition into school/ nursery. They are aimed at promoting the skills needed for listening and attention and tuning into sounds in preparation for reading and writing.

At the end of the session all children come together in preparation for home or lunch time.

Staff’s role in facilitating your child’s education

Each member of staff has a group of their own key children who they support by regularly observing them in their play as well as joining in  with them to promote areas of learning. 

Regular observations are typed up and objectives of learning recorded.  Parents will receive a short write up of their child’s activities once  each half term as well as a weekly update of what we as a group have been up to.

Staff then create a “Next Steps” sheet for each child, which are displayed within our setting for parents and other staff members to see. Each time a child has their focus week, these next steps are used to bridge any learning gaps on our coverage overviews, as well as being in place to further challenge each child’s abilities.